Why my reed diffuser smells not fragrant?

We often get feedback from customers like;My essential oil was not used up, around half a bottle left. But no fragrance diffusing. Why my reed diffuser smells not fragrant?

Today scent land will tell you the key points and solutions.

1-Adaptability of smell sense

The human sense of smell is very complex and sensitive; the same smell, due to different people’s olfactory nerve responses, shows a different level of preference. The human sense of smell is very adaptable, and it will respond to the same odor for a long time. When you getting used to this smell, the olfactory nerves will become accustomed to the existence of this smell and reduce the neural response. This leads us to feel that the smell is not as fragrant as it was at the beginning after few weeks. so, it’s not the reed diffuser doesn’t work. Just because you already got used to it.

Solution: Buy 2-3 different flavors of the reed diffuser, exchange them, and replace the room and location of them in time, then the sense of smell will become more sensitive again and feel the rich fragrance.

2-Wrong size and quantity of sticks

The size depends on your diffuser bottle, for example, 100ml diffuser,6-8PCS(Diameter 3mm*25cm) sticks are suitable. If it is too long or too short, the effect will not be very good.

3- Dust will block sticks

There are two normally used reed diffuser sticks. They are rattan sticks and fiber sticks.

No matter which one. When the dust falls on the surface of sticks, it will gradually block the pipe to diffuse essential oil. In this case, it is necessary to replace the sticks if they are too dusty.

4- Flip before replacement

The last suggestion is that you can also flip it every two weeks before replacing the joystick. This will restart the spread of perfume.

Normally, if you follow all these suggestions, your reed diffuser will not make you feel disappointed again. After a few months, it refills fragrance in your home and brings you surprise and enjoyment.

Why my reed diffuser smells not fragrant

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