Rotary Candle Holder

Color: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

Size: φ 5.5/6.3/7.0/8.0/9.0CM

Material: High-Quality Metal

Customized Ornaments

Jewelry standard electroplating tech, stand wear and tear with strong reflection.

Application: Rotary Candle Holder/Spinning Metal Tealight Holder



The rotary candle holder is the best companion for your candles.

It works without charging or battery, just light the candle up, and the hangers will spin automatically after absorbing heat from the candle.

The shadow of this metal tealight holder will be projected on the wall. Bring romantic and relax.

It’s also a luxury gift and home decor for Christmas, Weddings, Thanksgiving, Birthdays,  New Year, Valentine’s Day and so on.

For promotion and souvenirs, the ornaments could be customized as your design included the package and candle jar.


Rotary Candle Holder For Candle Jars

Regarding the size description, we marked 5.5, 7, 8, 9, etc., which refers to the outer diameter of your candle jars.

Rotary Candle Holder For Tealight

The diameter of the base is 4.6CM, made of thickened metal, not easy to fall.