How to choose wood for your perfume bottles?

How to choose wood for your perfume bottles

Today, we will share some commonly used wood materials for perfume covers and describe them from the perspective of properties, advantages and disadvantages, and price.

How to choose wood for your perfume bottles? This will help perfume bottle developers and purchasing practitioners make better choices for perfume packaging materials.

Ash has a relatively high density, so its strength and hardness are relatively high, resulting in high bearing capacity, and not easily deformed. The texture is wild and clear, and the pattern can be felt when touched. Because it has no odor, it is also commonly used in the children’s furniture market. It is a mid-to-high wood material and is more expensive.

ash woode caps for reed diffuser bottles from scent land
ash woode caps for reed diffuser bottles from scent land
Texture of ash

The picture above shows the application of ash in perfume covers and aromatherapy covers. Ash is usually light-colored. The picture on the left is the original color of ash with a clear varnish. The picture on the right is the color varnish to correct the color and achieve a deep color effect.

Beech has a clear texture, a soft color tone, a heavy and solid material, and good impact resistance. The texture is delicate and the pattern is not touchable. Since beech is currently a second-level protected tree species in China, the material can only be imported and is generally more expensive.

In terms of wood grain, oak has a distinct mountain-shaped grain on its cross-section, and its texture is beautiful and natural. In terms of performance, oak has good toughness and is very solid. It is relatively easy to process and can be processed into various bendable shapes according to the needs, and is quite aesthetically pleasing. The rough texture, rough pores, and textured feel make it more expensive.

The texture of Oak

In terms of color, the edge material of the walnut is creamy white, and the heart material ranges from light brown to deep chocolate color, with occasional purple and darker stripes, resulting in the fact that even though it is the same piece of wood, it may have color differences. The texture is delicate, not rough, and most of the colors are dark.

Walnut 28mm diffuser caps
The texture of walnut

Most brands choosing walnut wood as their fragrance are attracted by the differentiation of the wood material, which makes every batch of products have different lids, and the products show differences and characteristics. Furthermore, walnut is also the most expensive of the four kinds of wood. Of course, those who choose dark natural color will also be interested in the following wood, that is, rosewood.

Rosewood is one of the main planting tree species in Hainan, China. After planting, it takes about 7-8 years to form the heart material, which is reddish-brown in color, dense, hard and heavy, resistant to soaking and wear and does not crack or warp. It has a lasting fragrance and natural patterns, making it an excellent material for high-end redwood furniture, craft products, musical instruments, carving, inlay, and artistic decoration. The price also speaks for itself. Those who choose this are naturally the brands that value quality the most.

6.Rubber Wood
Rubber wood is light and elegant in color, with a beautiful texture, minimal shrinkage, and light to medium density. It has good mechanical processing and coating performance. Compared with oak, rubber wood is lighter and softer in texture, easy to change color, prone to insect damage and decay, and lower in price.

Like the next lotus wood, rubber wood is not recommended for use on perfume bottle lids due to its relatively large deformation. Of course, this does not apply to those who are in the low-end market, as they need to control costs, and these two types of wood are more economical.

7.Lotus Wood
Lotus wood is hard and light gray in color, with a straight texture, durable, anti-corrosion and anti-decay, and has a high density. The price is higher than rubber wood and lower than rosewood, and the overall performance is average. It is not recommended for use on perfume bottle lids, mainly because the color is not special and easy to change, and the texture is not fine enough.

Lotus Wood diffuser caps
The texture of lotus wood

Maple is a wood species that has become popular in recent years, especially for brands that prefer light colors. However, there are currently few brands that use it.

9.Bamboo Wood
Bamboo wood products have a relatively high moisture content and rarely mold under dry conditions. However, if the humidity exceeds 20%, it is easy to mold, so it is recommended that fresh bamboo wood must be mold-proofed, and bamboo that has not been subjected to high-temperature sterilization and carbonization treatment is susceptible to insect infestation. Carbonized bamboo can be processed into perfume bottle caps.

10.Pine Wood
Pine wood is a common type of wood. No further introduction is needed here. It is occasionally used on aromatherapy bottle caps and can be chosen without varnish to maintain a natural feel.

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