What’s the difference between rattan sticks and fiber sticks?

Flameless diffuser is a popular, eco-friendly, economical and safe solution for home fragrance, among them reed diffuser sticks are the most effective way to diffuse scents from essential oil.

Rattan diffuser stick natural color

Rattan sticks absorb the liquids through the vascular pipes,There are 20 or more vascular pipes in one piece rattan diffuser sticks with specification 3mm 20cm (quality grade AA indonesia rattan), and each vascular pipe is a capillary channel.When you place the reed in the fragrance oil and then flip it over, it creates a vacuum effect that sucks the oil up the channels in the reed so it can evaporate into the air around the diffuser.

Good rattan stick undergoes heat treatment by microwave, so it could achieve the purpose of sterilization and mould proof. And it use the best dye,won’t fade into your diffuser oil. The material of rattan stick is from natural plant, so it is safe and no pollution.

Fiber sticks absorb the diffuser liquids through the gaps between one piece polyester filament and another piece polyester filament.There are more than 10,000 pcs polyester filaments in one piece fibre diffuser sticks with specification 3mm 20cm (density 0.60g/cm3), and each gap between two pcs polyester filaments becomes a capillary channel. In the same time, the fiber sticks absords perfume is quicker twice time than rattan sticks. 

If you are worried that the fiber sticks will absorb too fast, you can use them with rattan to slow down the use of perfume and lower the cost.Fiber sticks are more straightly and surface is very smooth.

Luxury Grey Fiber Reed Diffuser Sticks

We have been making many tests for years to test the diffusing performance of these 2 different materials in different diffuser liquids, and finally we found that,

1)Rattan sticks are suitable for oil base diffuser liquids especially high density oil base diffuser liquids; fibre sticks are suitable for most diffuser liquids including oil base diffuser liquids, alcohol base diffuser liquids and water base diffuser liquids.

2)It is difficult for rattan sticks to absorb pure water, but it is quite easy for fiber sticks to absorb pure water; the reason is, the radius of “Capillary tubes” In fibre sticks is much smaller;

3)The diffusing performance of fibre sticks is much better (faster) than rattan sticks in most diffuser liquids;

4) the lower density rattan diffuser sticks are, the better diffusing performance there will be, but there is a lower limit; the higher density fibre sticks are, the better diffusing performance there will be, but there is a upper limit.

reed diffuser from scent land

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