10ml frosted cube | circular | apple car perfume bottles

Material: Glass 

Color: Frosted/Customized

Usage: Diffuser Bottle

Logo & OEM: Available

Shape: Cube | Circular | Apple

CAP: Wooden, PP, Glass, Aluminium, Leather, etc For Optional


  • Aesthetics: Wooden cap car perfume bottles often have an elegant and sophisticated appearance. The natural look and feel of the wood can add a touch of luxury to the interior of a car.
  • Durability: Wooden caps are often more durable than plastic caps and can withstand wear and tear more effectively. This makes them a popular choice for car perfume bottles, which are often subjected to frequent handling and movement.
  • Scent retention: Wooden caps can help to seal in the scent of the perfume, preventing it from evaporating too quickly. This means that the fragrance will last longer and provide a more consistent and pleasant aroma.
  • Environmentally friendly: Many people prefer wooden caps because they are more eco-friendly than plastic caps. Wood is a renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested and biodegrades naturally.

Details of car perfume bottles

Sizes of frosted car perfume bottles

10ml round frosted car perfume bottles
Circular Shape

Volume: 10ml Height: 51mm Width: 23mm

Diamond Shape

Volume: 10ml Height: 51mm Width: 32mm

10ml square frosted car perfume bottles
Cube Shape

Volume: 10ml Height: 46mm Width: 26mm

Ball Shape

Volume: 5ml Height: 34mm Width: 34mm

10ml apple frosted car perfume bottles
Apple Shape

Volume: 10ml Height: 51mm Width: 40mm

Rose Shape

Volume: 6ml Height: 39mm Width: 27mm

Package of car perfume bottles

Package of car perfume bottles