Fibre diffuser reeds

Raw material: PET

Diameter: 1mm – 15mm (common diameters: 2mm, 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm)

Diameter Tolerance: +/-0.1mm

Length: Customized

Length Tolerance: +/-3mm

Color: Black white, gray,pink, red,green, blue,purple, brown,etc.(customized color)

Density: 0.40g/cm3 – 0.70g/cm3

Moisture rate: <15%


  • Fibre diffuser reeds are more smooth and straight than other reeds
  • Diffuses essential oil more efficiently
  • Environmentally friendly fiber.
  • Automatic cutting, standard size
  • Strong absorption
  • No fade,no MOQ
Colorful reed Sticks

Customized color

We produce from the raw material, so we are able to produce the colors from POY with color master batch, to get extremly high color uniformity and fastness. We are able to produce the colors according to color samples or just a Pantone color number.

Our colored fibre diffuser reeds do not bleed color in any essential oil:

Type of essential oilPerformance     Applicability
Oil-basedNo color bleeding                 ✓
Alcohol-basedNo color bleeding                 ✓
Water-basedNo color bleeding                 ✓

Customized packing of fibre diffuser reeds

We have various bundle styles for the selection from clients. The popular                styles as below,

  • Clear tape (in center, on bottom, or on both ends)
  • Raffia (in center, or on both ends)
  • Ribbons (in center)
  • Rubber bands (in center, or on both ends)
  • Glue OPP bags
  • Heat seal OPP bags
  • Heat shrinkable film
  • Paper box / envelopes 

We have our own suppliers of packaging materials, so we have OEM ability of packaging materials, including printed OPP bags, printed paper envelopes, designed gift boxes etc. Below are the pictures of some common bundle styles

packages of reed sticks

Keep the reeds safety

Shipping Carton

fibre diffuser reeds package

With over 10 years experience in this industry, we know the shipping packaging is extremly important on protecting our fibre diffuser reeds safety during the long distance transportation. 

We developed an effective packaging system to provide comprehensive protection. 

fibre diffuser reeds package

Frequently Asked Questions

They are Φ2*300mm Φ2.5*300mm Φ3*250mm Φ3*280mm Φ3*300mm Φ4*250mm Φ4*280mm Φ4*300mm Φ4*350mm

Yes, small qty and trail order are welcome.

Regular color and size of fibre reeds will be shipout within 7days

Our monthly production capacity of fibre diffuser sticks is 20 millions pcs or 2 million bundles.

Sea shipment, air shipment, courier, railway, truck for optional.  And you can also choose cover tax shipment.

Of course, Scent Land could provide diffuser reeds, bottles with lids, sola flowers, candle jars, aroma stones and so on.