DIY candle making kit & accessories

Tools: 500W wax melter, measuring Cup, Stirrer, Melting Pot, Thermometer

Wicks: cotton wicks, wooden wicks​

Candle jars: glass jars, metal jars/ tins, Ceramic jars

Wax: natural soy wax

Decoration: aroma crystals, dry flowers

Application: DIY candle making studio/ workshop, gift set for holidays




No matter the DIY candle workshop or wholesaler. You can get the whole set of DIY candle making kits and accessories here. 
If you are as passionate about candles as we are, you are in luck because at Sent Land you have at your fingertips everything you need to make them at home: quality raw materials and tools for the production. 
We are one of the most complete supplier in the sector! Here you will find hundreds of products so you can shape your candles. With our materials and your creativity you will get unique designs, perfect to decorate your home, to give away and even to sell.  Yes, as you hear, to sell!  Many of our clients have set up small businesses related to handmade candles and it works very well for them.
From now we welcome you to the wonderful world of handmade candles.

Wax Melter

Multifunctional Wax Heater For DIY Candle Making Kits & Studio.

  • Mini wax warmer for DIY Molde No.114
  • Power 500W
  • Product size 140*140*65mm
  • Hot plate size Ø100mm
  • Mini wax warmer for DIY Molde No.115
  • Power 500W
  • Product size 140*140*120mm
  • Hot plate size Ø100mm
  • 5L wax warmer for diy studio No.150
  • Power 1000W
  • 304 Stainless steel tank anti-dry burning
  • Tank size height 380mm, Ø200mm

DIY Candle Making kits Tools

DIY Candle Jars

Luxury empty candle jars for DIY candle making kits.
Various sizes: 4oz, 6oz, 7oz, 8oz, 10oz, and etc.
Custom logo & packages.

  • Eco-Friendly material,  In recycle package.
  • The surface process includes Screen Printing, Frosting, Decal, Embossed, Labeling, and Color Spray.
  • Optional caps: Bamboo, Metal, Wood.
Candle Jar

Glass Jars

Made of high white glass,
Simple and quiet luxury.

Metal Jars

Small & light enough. Most importantly, inexpensive.

Ceramic Jars

With outstanding look and exquisite texture.

Soy Wax

Renewable and natural resources without any petrochemical ingredients, harmless to human beings. Production cost is lower than other kinds of waxes. Biodegradable feature is good for environmental protection.

For DIY candle making kits, 56℃ soy wax has a longer burning time. The soft feature makes it especially suitable for container candles; Good ability to demoulding, dye, and no cracks, good adhesion, and no black smoke. 

For Decoration

Candle Crystals

Aroma Crystals

Aromatherapy crystals have brilliant color and unique texture. The gorgeous look is work by nature. Decoration your candle by the crystals, it always brings you a good mood.

Dry Flowers

100% Natural Dried Flowers. Freely combine dried flowers in DIY candle making. To show the delicate dried flower texture and create your masterpiece.