Candle Warmer Lamp

Color: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold Etc.

Height: 35cm

Base Size: 15*15CM

Material: High Quality Metal + Wooden/Marble Base

Application: Candle Melt/ Night light

Light Source Type: Heating Halogen Bulb GU10

Voltage 110-240V, 50HZ

Certifications: KC/CE/UL/CCC/FCC etc.

Dimmer Switch, Adjustable Temperature & Brightness

Plug: UK-220V/EU-220V/AU-220V/US-110V



  • Unlike traditional candles, The candle warmer lamp is heating by halogen bulb GU10. It is without soot, smoke, or an open flame.
    It also could extend the life of candles by 50% and reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 82%.
  • The power of Bulb GU10 is 35W. It‘s energy conservation. By Dimming Switch, You can freely adjust the brightness of this lamp.  Soft halogen light creates the ambiance of a burning candle and makes you feel warm and comfortable.
  • When you use the candle warmer lamp to melt candles instead of burning them, it means you can say goodbye to the memory rings and tunneling of candles. The candle’s pool will be smooth after use. It’s also could be a night light in your living room. Turn down the brightness, the warm light will make you sleep well.


Candle Warmer Lamp
Candle Warmer Lamp

The candle's pool always keep smooth

Say goodbye to the memory rings and tunneling of candles meanwhile the scent will be pure without the smell of burning wicks.

Classical Candle Warmer Lamps

Instructions For Use

  • Don’t open flame when using candle warmer lamp.
  • The halogen lamp is hot, don’t touch it or Lampshade to prevent burning.
  • Suggest not using exceed 4 hours when you adjust the lamp to maximum brightness.
  • After 3-5 times of use, Pour out the candle oil on the surface to avoid fading fragrance of the candles.
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